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The Payment&Shipping and Notice


The payment can be accepted(To and .Get the Payment Account Information):

  1:   We prefer Western Union transfer,it is very fast,you can learn how to use it via Western Union,for our information for the transfer,please contact us.
2:   We prefer Money Gram transfer,it is very fast and convenient,you can learn how to use it via Money Gram,for our information for the transfer,please contact us.
3:   We prefer T/T(Telegraphic Transfer)via bank,for our bank account information,you can Sign Up and Login to get the T/T Account Information,please contact us.
Supply the belows transportation methods:
  1: 2: 3: 4: 5: 6: 7:
Important notice:
  1:Order 01-50 pairs.We use the to shipping.
2:Order 51-99 pairs.We use the to shipping.
3:If added 10$/pair. We use the to shipping.(This shipment is very safe in the Italy)
4:Order 100 or above.You can select the transportation methods which you think safely.
5:The Underwear, Sunglassess Min order qty:10pcs.
   The T-shirts,Shirts,Shorts Min order qty:6pcs.
   The Coat, Jeans, Sweater Min order qty:3pcs.
   The Shoes, Bag, Watch, Down coat, Bedding Min order qty: 1pcs. Of course you can be mixed together to shopping. More and more cheap.
6:In our company mailbox like this suffix: are safely,you can contact reassurance and to order.

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